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The www.PropertyManagement.Institute, LLC is an online education center offering courses on all property management topics including property management as well as state-specific topics such as eviction and security deposits.

We are currently looking for

Property Managers, Real Estate Attorneys, and Real estate related Professionals with at least 10 years of experience who may be interested in creating courses in their area of expertise for our school. Our immediate primary focus is finding experts in the state-specific eviction process and security deposits. Property Managers and Real Estate Attorneys who would like to expand their reach and influence are welcome to create other classes.

If you are interested in creating a passive revenue stream, reaching a larger audience, and adding to your circle of influence please contact us.

Email: with the subject line “Course Creator”.

The Next Steps

Submit your Bio.

We just want to make sure you are a good fit for the school. This does NOT have to be the final version that we will use for your instructor’s page, we can clean it up later.

Then we need your course title with a description and outline.

This is to prevent duplicate classes. (we typically won’t need more than one class on security deposits for each state, for example.)

Once we know that you have the experience to teach the course, we will put a placeholder in for that course in that state and hold your spot for 30 days. We don’t have to have the finished class, but you must have something to us within 30 days.

If you are struggling with your Bio, Don’t Panic! It can be as simple as follows:

Your Name:

Your Career:

Your Accomplishments:

Your Claim to Fame:

Personal philosophy, career goals or personal information

Not sure what to name your class or how to write an outline? It could be like the example below:

Title – The 7 Steps to Evict a Tenant in Pennsylvania

Description – The step by step process to evict a residential tenant in the state of Pennsylvania. Complete with all forms and a video of filling out the Landlord/Tenant complaint.


  1. Identity violation
  2. Give Proper Notice
  3. File Landlord-Tenant Complaint
  4. Prepare for the Hearing
  5. Attend Hearing
  6. The decision
  7. Possession


Frequently Asked Questions

View the sample video below to see one of our classes in action!


The first step to contributing to our school is to supply us the following items for review:

Your Professional Bio – A description of who you are, your credentials and your area of expertise. For example:

  • Name and professional designation.
  • Degree(s), certification(s) and years of experience.
  • Skills and knowledge, you have applied.

Course description – Your description should focus on the content of the course. The description should emphasize the benefits to the student coming from either the results of taking the course or from the value of the subject matter. In other words, a summary of the scope and content of the course.

Course Outline – A brief walk through your course, in outline form, from the introduction to the conclusion.


Once we receive and review your information we’ll contact you with how to get started. 

Send your information to: