By Tamie Kaufman

You have that tenant and the relationship just is not going to work out?  You have not been paid rent, they have a constant barking dog, they have unauthorized occupants, you have multiple neighbor complaints, or you just need your place back to move in or remodel?  Where do you start?  How do you get someone to leave?  What is an eviction?  Don’t put your head in your hands, there is help available.

Oregon Evictions is a course to be used as a tool to assist you in the process of removing a tenant whether through a friendly process or through a court eviction.  The tools provided in this class will assist you in making the decision to remove, what might be the best option for notice and if you want to go the legal route or talk them into leaving.

Tamie Kaufman, the instructor, and licensed property manager has successfully removed over fifty tenants in ten years for various reasons and has only had to attend three trials.  Removing tenants does not have to be a legal battle but setting up the paper trail is important if you end up going in that direction.

This lesson will go through the lease/rental agreement, types of notices, forms for filing, mediation, what to expect from the court.  Possible outcomes and what to do if an agreement is made and not honored.  Steps from the judgment to the actual sheriff removal if needed.  How to handle abandoned property after they leave is also included.

A bonus track on types of fees and deposits allowed in Oregon.  An informative helpful educational tool to help landlords and property managers determine their next steps in dealing with problem tenants.

Being a landlord is constant learning and this is an excellent way to learn more about the end of the landlord/tenant relationship when things go wrong.

Tamie Kaufman is a contributing instructor for To view her course click, Tamie Kaufman