Time Management Tips

by Thom Finn

Many times when I sit through a complimentary coaching session and develop a plan for the business owner to follow, my sixth sense or “Coach’s Instinct” tells me that until they get some mastery over their time, even the best plans will be for nothing. Without some strong fundamental time management skills, most of us will never find the time to move on to the next great thing.

Here are two techniques you can use to find more time during your busy day:

If you seem to be plagued with face to face interruptions by your team members, try closing your door for an hour or so throughout the day. Alert your staff that you would like to work uninterrupted. During this time refrain from answering your phone and checking your e-mails.  Surely you can agree that a few hours out of the week where you are not readily accessible will not mean disaster. You may have to train your staff to honor your wish, but once you and they get in the habit, you will be surprised at both the quantity and quality of what you can accomplish.

If you find yourself losing chunks of time on telephone calls that are of low quality, you may want to try being more selective on which calls you take. I know one business owner who does not take a single call and another business owner who prides herself on answering 100% of the calls. I am suggesting that rather go to one extreme or the other, you find some sort of middle ground. Many phone conversations are simply sharing or passing along pieces of information, which is one-way communication. Perhaps by encouraging callers to leave a detailed message, or training your message takers to take down specific information, you can eliminate those inefficient “give me a call” messages.

Tom is a contributing instructor to www.propertymanagement.institute, to view his course click, Thom Finn