Ever find yourself in a position of having or doing something that makes you suddenly say “wish I had known that”?

It happens to all of us at some point and many times we feel like we’re up to our elbows and it’s getting over our head. As life will have it, everything is part of a learning curve, and as we all know learning comes by trial and error or education.

Planning is usually the key to most things and having a good plan of action makes the most sense. Obviously having someone who can teach or mentor you as you go through a learning curve is ideal but in lieu of that, courses or classes are the next best thing. Real estate investing is a growing method of investing for many people today and there are many educational opportunities. Online courses have become a great avenue for learning at a pace that can fit your schedule and lifestyle and of course, we encourage you to look at what www.propertymanagement.institute has to offer in the way of classes. To help reinforce our message, the link below takes you to a good article published by Susan Johnston Taylor who has contributed to the money section of USNews.com since 2011. I’m sure there are a few valuable lessons to be learned by reading her article. Take a look.

5 Things Homeowners Wish They’d Known Before Becoming Landlords