How We Got Started

Just over 6 years ago a real estate attorney friend and I were talking at a real estate auction (lots of real estate gets sold at auction in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, not just distressed properties). A young investor had just bought a nice ranch home for $262,000.00. Tom, my friend, asked him if he thought it would cash-flow at that price to which he replied “what’s cash-flow?” We laughed… but it was a sad kind of laugh, a “what was he thinking” laugh. I mean he had good intentions and not only was he thinking about buying an investment property but he actually took action!! This guy took action!! He lined up his financing, he attended the auction, he was the high bidder and he bought it! He was now the proud owner of his first investment property!! But based on the purchase price and his lack of overall preparedness it might also be his last (and that is a shame). Here is someone who was 90% of the way there and was just missing a few pieces. I would guess if polled, over 50% of the adult population thinks investing in real estate is a good idea yet few take action to make it happen. Something needed to be done about that so Tom and I decided we’d find a solution.

Over the next several months we talked to several local investors and other business owners who dealt with investors on a regular basis and discovered there was an overwhelming need for basic investing education. We started a real estate group at a local fire hall with the goal to inform and educate not to market or sell our services. Tom and I had another goal too, and that was to cement our place in the community as the go-to guys for real estate. At first, it was mostly Tom and me teaching but we brought in other investors, outside speakers, and vendors, and things really took off.  People were learning, networking and making much better decisions. It worked!

We just celebrated our 5th year. The Lanchester Real Estate Investment Group is still going strong with well over 100 members and growing. Because many of our members are from the plain community, we don’t even have a website!! We meet every month and have had as many as 60+ in attendance at our meetings. Our membership consists of new investors, flippers and buy and hold investors. Some have increased their portfolios by millions over the last few years. We have investors with hundreds and even thousands of doors who regularly attend because they feel they still get value from attending our meetings! WOW, we need to expand!! But starting another group would be time-consuming and may only double our reach. So we began to wonder “how can we take this nationwide”?

That led us to start www.PropertyManagement.Institute LLC. This way we can continue to expand plus offer real-world teaching to investors from people who are some of the best at what they do. Professional Property Managers, Real Estate Attorneys and Professional Investors who have real-world experience and are willing to teach others. Real Instructors making a Real Difference.

Our Mission

To bring together some of the best and brightest minds in Property Management, to organize that knowledge in one place and to make it affordable and accessible to anyone, anywhere.

We also seek to become a place where property managers and real estate lawyers within the industry can expand their reach and influence, and become the known expert in their state, allowing them to give back to the community, serve more landlords, and develop an additional income stream.


We are an online teaching platform geared towards those who may be interested in Real estate investing and Property management. We pull together and offer courses from a wide variety of instructors with a wealth of experience and gathered knowledge. Unlike formal educational institutions, our online self-paced approach provides students a viable alternative to the standard classroom environment. Our goal is to provide real-world knowledge taken from the practical experience of individuals in the business. In other words, “we live it, then teach it”.

Who Are Our Instructors?

Our classes are created by fully-vetted, experienced professionals in the Property Management and Real Estate Industry with more than 10 years experience. 

Become an Instructor

If you are a Property Manager with 200+ units under your management, or a Real Estate Lawyer with 10 + years’ experience, and would like to expand your influence, become known as the expert in your state, and serve your community, click below to learn more about how to become an instructor for the .

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